About Diversified Treasures:

Diversified Treasures is a creative branch by Joni Purk to work in new and exciting media. Purk “finds that breaking off stimulates my desire to work in smaller scale and to offer art that anyone can own.”

Her continued passion to help the environment has led to a new product line incorporating found objects and recycled materials. These one-of-a-kind pieces are currently sold in the Charlotte, NC area.

About the artist:

Joni Purk is an award-winning artist with over 25 years experience. While living in Ohio, raising two small children, concerns for plans to place a landfill near the area’s aquifer caused a young mother to take action. Developing a non-profit recycling organization and center called Save Our Environment (S.O.E), two mothers raised awareness at  a proactive level. After months of collecting over 50 tons of recyclables, the major waste management company decided to pull out and focus elsewhere. She has been recycling ever since.


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