Recycling Tip – November 30

30 11 2010

Recycling while cleaning:

Cut up old t-shirts, towels, sheets, scarves or use old socks and gloves instead of using paper towels.

Buy cleaning supplies in bulk which saves on packaging.

Most containers can be recycled when they are empty.


Recycling Tip – October 17

17 10 2010

Recycling Tip:

Buy frozen foods like vegetables in bags instead of boxes. Not only does it have less packaging waste but it will also save you money.

Recycling Tip – Septemeber 2, 2010

2 09 2010

Recycling Tip:

Coffee Filters

Clean windows, mirrors, eyeglasses, camera lenses, televisions, and computer monitors. Coffee filters are lint-free so they don’t leave any residue.

Line flower pots with them to keep soil from leaking out the drainage hole.

Coffee filters make great backings for embroidery or appliqueing soft fabrics.

Wrap Christmas ornaments and any other rarely used fragile items before packing away.

Recycling Tip – August 15, 2010

15 08 2010

Recycling and Savings Tip:

A reusable stainless-steel bottle can transport water and other drinks when you’re on the go without adding to landfills.

Potential savings of over $2,000 a year if each family member has one bottled drink per day.

Recycling Tip – May 4, 2010

4 05 2010

Find yourself making cupcakes with no way to transfer them safely?

You can use old cardboard gift boxes.  Cut X’s  into the tops and insert the cupcakes or muffins  into the slots.  The box will act as a tray.  A shirt box holds about 8.

Recycling Tip – April 20, 2010

20 04 2010

Recycling Tip:

You can use the plastic containers for apples (candy apples for example) found in grocery stores as the perfect container for Christmas/holiday ornaments.

Recycling Tip 2 – March 28, 2010

28 03 2010
Do you have paper plates that are too flimsy to hold food, or coffee filters that rip and tear and don’t do the job?
Before tossing in the recycling bin, coffee filters make great separators for china saucers and paper plates are ideal to separate china dinner plates in your cabinets.

This will help avoid scratches as well as breaks and chips.